‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ Season 7 Finale Review: The Fellowship will keep the faith and the treasure hunt alive

Sorry treasure-hunting people, your weekly dose of ‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ might need simply come to a standstill…for nicely, almost definitely a few months. Season eight of the Historical past Channel hasn’t been confirmed but. The finale of Season 7 aired immediately (April 28), and wow…what a bland finale to a present about treasure-hunting.

The group has at all times been markedly decided to scour the island and perceive its quite a few mysteries. There may be extra historic worth connected to the island fairly than financial, as a result of from Knights Templar to Spanish Galleons crusing to the island, there was endless hypothesis about what might have occurred right here. For over 2 hundred years, students and researchers have been certain that treasure is buried on the island, however the place? All of it started in the 1790s when Daniel McGinnis and his pals found a despair close to an oak tree. They stored digging and their work was continued later by treasure-hunters. As years developed into centuries, the theories obtained wilder and more odd, and the emphasis turned stronger. The island was imagined to be cursed as nicely, as 5 males had died attempting to hunt for the fabled treasure. And now, legend has it that two extra have to die for the treasure to be discovered.

Our Michigan brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina have been investigating the island for the previous seven years. And through the course of Season 7, they drained the swamp, checked out quite a few shaft websites, none of which amounted to a lot. The swamp remains to be believed to be a goldmine of solutions. We’re nonetheless unsure about the anomaly at the backside of the swamp. Is it a ship? What’s it? The group had unearthed spikes, that they have been certain belonged to a ship. They discovered the coconut fiber, that was believed to have hidden the legendary flood tunnels. The theories went on, and the guesses continued. On this episode, they fight digging once more and solely to discover a ‘void’. As soon as once more, they discover a tunnel that they are saying is man-made. Jeez, at this price what’s pure on this island? Even the swamp is man-made they are saying. 

They will not go away the island alone until they discover a historic breakthrough they are saying. And so for the relaxation for the episode, they ruminate on whether or not they’re actually doing the proper factor by preserving the faith and believing in the fabled treasure. The finish story? They do.

The ‘Fellowship’ as they name themselves, is for certain that they are inside the attain of the treasure and that they will discover it. The season started with a tribute to Dan Blankenship, and ended with one to him too. Winter has come, and it is time to pack up. However they don’t seem to be going to surrender quickly and they will ‘keep the faith’. So…which means, one other season of digging, mud and slush is to be anticipated hmm? 

Properly, we’ll keep the faith too, fellowship. All mentioned and carried out, the present is kind of entertaining, even after they discover items of wooden. ‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ is a Historical past Channel present. 

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