Bolly4u: Latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu Movies Download Website in All Formats Online, Is it Legal?

Bolly4u- Movies are the best way of entertainment that humans have. People like to watch movies and see their favorite stars performing in it. Each and every people have a different taste in movies. Some people like romantic movies whereas some like thriller ones. But one thing which common in all those movies is that they help us to take a break from our hectic lives. Therefore every weekend people search if there is any new movie released in recent times so that they can go and watch it. Apart from entertainment movies some times gives a social message as well. However today we are not here to discuss movies but a website that is going popular in recent times i.e. Bolly4u.

Yes friends today I will tell you everything about bolly4u website and will try to clear your doubts. Recently people are using this website heavily so I thought I should share some knowledge on these kind of websites. So if you are also looking for some knowledge about bolly4u website then you are at the right place. Stay tuned till the end of this article and I will try to provide all the knowledge I have gathered about bolly4u.

Bolly4u Bollywood Movies Download Website

Bolly4u is an illegal online movie piracy website that leaks the latest Bollywood movies online. Apart from Bollywood movies bolly4u also leaks Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, and other language movies as well. People visit this website and download the movies that are listed on the website. People think that doing this legal but actually it is not. Indian Government and legal authorities consider bolly4u as an illegal website and have banned it. They have also asked people to avoid this kind of website and use some legit ways to download the movies.

Actually bolly4u is illegal because they provide copyright material to download which is illegal. When you want to distribute a copyright content them you need the proper permissions from the copyright owner. And if you have all those legal permission then only it is legal to distribute the copyright content otherwise it is illegal. Since bolly4u doesn’t have any permission like that so government consider it as illegal website.

Despite being blocked by the government bolly4u website relaunch again and again. As soon as the government finds that a website like bolly4u is doing things that are not up to the law so they ban it. But admins of the bolly4u website exploit the technology here and relaunch the website with a new domain extension. In this way, they continue doing their activities.

Bolly4u Popularity Reason

There are many reasons fro the popularity of bolly4u and other similar websites. But under this heading will talk about some of the prominent ones. Suppose that there is a shop in the market that sells premium branded shoes at their original price. But there is another shop in the market that sells the duplicate of those shoes at very cheap price. Now ask yourself a question whom will you choose to buy the shoes from? I know many of you will go to buy those duplicate ones. Although the quality of those duplicate shoes can never that of the original ones but many people will buy them cause they looks exact same as the original ones.

The same is the case with bolly4u and other similar websites because they provide the movies for free to download. Although those movies can never match the experience of the original print version still people use bolly4u to download them. Actually, people themselves have to understand that whatever they are doing is not right. As soon as any new movie is released many people start searching it online. And the websites that serve the piracy content target, such people. And once people get the movie they want from a certain website then they visit it again and again. This is the reason why bolly4u and other similar websites become popular. Apart from these reasons, there are several other reasons which I have mentioned below.

Note:- Piracy of any original content under Indian law is a punishable offense. firmly rejects this kind of piracy. The content presented here is simply to give you the information concerning the activities. Its objective is not at any time and in any way to encourage immoral and piracy acts. Please stay off from sites and select the ideal way to download the movie.


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